The Islamic Council

The Islamic Council UK (ICUK)

The Islamic Council UK is unique in that it is perhaps the only Islamic Council to be led by British born scholars who are not only young and professional but they also understand the social context for Muslims within Modern Britain. The Islamic Council UK is an independent organisation which caters for the needs of the Muslim community with a focus on family life and personal well-being. The Islamic Council UK (ICUK) is non-denominational and celebrates the diversity of the Muslim communities within the UK and worldwide. We at the Islamic Council UK believe the Deen in its true understanding complements our lives and guides us in all matters with great harmony.


The Islamic Council UK (ICUK) has emerged with the following objectives to recognise the issues many Muslims are facing in different stages of their lives whether in matters of Nikah, Islamic Divorce, in arranging independent mediation or simply searching for an attentive ear that can help alleviate the stress life throws at us.


The Islamic Council UK (ICUK) aims to deliver an effective, proficient and professional service.
We understand that time is essential and confidentiality is paramount.
We aim to work with you at a mutually agreed pace to arrive inshaAllah at the desired outcome.

Who’s involved?

The Islamic Council UK (ICUK) liaises and networks with Leading Scholars (Muftis & Shuyukh) who are pioneers and beacons of knowledge worldwide, The Islamic Council UK also works very closely with Professionals from legal, medical and social backgrounds who are exceptional in their calibre community leaders who resonate within the grass roots of the Muslim communities.

We welcome your matters with open arms and stand resolute against any discriminatory treatment to race, gender, or disability and are committed to offering a fair, equal and just service to each and all of our applicants.

اللهم لا سهل الا ما جعلته سهلا

From Allah (alone) comes ease in all our matters.