Nikah Guidance (Nikah Counselling if required)

النكاح من سنتي

“The Nikah is from my Sunnah”
[ibn Majah]

Marriage is an important and life changing event in every Muslims life, it is described by the Sunnah as an opportunity of success, a source of blessing and a completion of half the faith.

Therefore, it cannot be overstressed how important it is that both the husband and wife are in a healthy and blessed state of mind.


Nikah Application  


In order to help going through such an important stage of life The Islamic Council presents it’s ‘Nikah guidance program’ Which although can be tailored individually and generally covers:

3-4 sessions (with both couple present) leading upto and including the Nikah, aiming to highlight:

  • The importance of Nikah within
  • The correct etiquettes & attitudes to adopt and develop
  • Guidelines on potential conflict resolution using Islamic Psychology
  • * an optional counselling session to deal with any rising anxiety
  • The Islamic philosophy underlying a family unit & the institution of Nikah
  • An opportunity for Q&A with a qualified Mufti/Scholar
  • An Islamic Nikah with Certificate (*this covers the Islamic requirements and is not a civil registration,
    which remains the responsibility of the couple)
  • An opportunity for post- Nikah progress sessions/counselling

To take full advantage of our programs please complete the online form or contact The Islamic Council UK immediately.


Will the program include the actual Nikah ceremony?

Yes it will but remember this is not the same as a civil registration which must be undertaken by the couple themselves.

What if I’m just interested in the Nikah only?

The Islamic Council UK does perform Nikahs and will be delighted to help you with this

What if I would like to extend my sessions?

The Islamic Council UK representatives are very understanding and will work with you to tailor a Nikah counselling program that suits you.

What if I would like to discuss something personal?

The Islamic Council UK  respects your privacy and assures that confidentiality will be paramount.

What is the cost for the program?

The cost may vary subject to the design and length of your Nikah program varying from £250-£500, the Islamic Council UK will deploy scholars and counsellors who are of exceptional calibre in order to provide you the very best start for your blessed occasion.

What if I’m having problems with my parents consenting?

The Islamic Council UK  believes in harmonious and Islamic resolutions, we recognise that each Nikah case is unique and must be treated with the utmost care and subtlety, and where necessary we do provide family mediation, however We recommend that you get in touch with one of our caring representatives who will be available to discuss. we firmly believe that whatever the problem may be Islam has a solution.